Food Photography: Vienna Beef

Where's the beef?  It was all in my studio.  I had the honor of working with Vienna Beef on creating images of their deli meat products.  Corned beef, pastrami, turkey pastrami, Italian beef and salami.  From sliced on a cutting board to use in classic recipes, the objective was to showcase their products in warm, inviting scenarios that inspire in-store purchases.

salami sliced-75.jpg
salami pasta salad-14.jpg

Over 200 final images were produced for this project, all styled and shot by yours truly.  And yep, we sliced and froze the leftover meat so we're pretty set for sandwiches for a good, long time.


I paid particular attention to this next one in terms of styling.  The classic Chicago style Italian Beef sandwich including giardiniera and sport peppers.  This is a sandwich that Chicagoans take VERY seriously, so I didn't want to screw it up.

hot italian beef sandwich-5.jpg
hot italian beef sandwich-18.jpg
hot italian beef sandwich-10.jpg
vienna beef turkey pastrami wrap-18.jpg
vienna beef corned beef sandwich-9.jpg
salami pasta salad-6.jpg
vienna beef corned beef sandwich-15.jpg

Many thanks to Vienna Beef for bringing me into this project and for all the meats!

Joanie Simon